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Selecting Resources

Your first decision is whether to begin your research in the library or the internet. 

One benefit of the library’s enhanced Encore discovery tool is that a query in the library’s search box opens access to millions of online and print resources that were selected specifically for academic research.  Most are not freely available on the internet.

List of Contents

Encore’s One-Stop and/or Selecting Individual Databases



Should I Be Using Google or the Library Resources for a Paper? (NEIU Ronald Williams Library)
What Are the Library Databases? And Which One Should I Use? (NEIU Ronald Williams Library)
Introduction to EBSCOhost

Controlled Vocabulary vs. Keyword/Natural Language



Controlled Vocabulary Searching (an Alternative to Keyword or Natural Language Searching)DavidLRiceLibrary
Keyword vs Subject Searching (Wayne State Univ. Libraries Instruction) [youtubehttps://youtu.be/8ReOTKZezZg]
Keyword vs Subject Search (AJ Eastwood Limestone University)

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