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Library Staff Contact Information

Division of Library Services

Linda Poston

Dean of Library Services 

Phone: (845) 675-4434

email: linda.poston@nyack.edu

ATS Library

Cheryl Felmlee

Director of ATS Library 

Phone: (845) 770-5764

email: cheryl.felmlee@nyack.edu

Drew Strecker

Library Services Assistant, ATS Library

Phone: (845) 770-5700 ext.7570

email: strechera@nyack.edu

Bailey Library

Sunya Notley

Director of Bailey Library

Phone: (845) 675-4436

email: sunya.notley@nyack.edu

Lud Bazar

Library Services Assistant, Bailey Library

Phone: (845) 675-4435

email: bazarl@nyack.edu

Eastman Library

Christy Choi

Director of Eastman Library

Phone: (646) 378-6142

email: christy.choi@nyack.edu

Keneil Buchanan

Library Services Assistant, Eastman Library

Phone: (646) 378-6100 ext.7711

email: keneil.buchanan@nyack.edu

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