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External Users

Purpose of policy:

To ensure the safety and security of patrons and the availability of resources to Nyack/ATS students, and to inform external users of the privileges and responsibilities extended to them.

Definition of external user:

An individual who is not a current member of the Nyack/ATS administration, faculty, staff, or student body who desires to use ATS, Bailey, or Eastman Library.

General Policies:

  • External users are expected to observe all library rules and regulations.
  • The library staff retains the right to amend or change the following usage guidelines without notice.
  • Additional borrowing policies can be found on the “About Us—Policies” page at http://www.nyack.edu/.ibrary/page/Policies.


  • External users may have onsite use of the following resources and services of ATS, Bailey, and Eastman libraries, providing that they do not restrict access in any way to current Nyack/ATS patrons.
    • Print resources, including books, journals, and reference materials
    • Use of public library computers and/or wireless to access online library resources. Ask library staff for login instructions.
    • Access to reference services
    • Use of computers, photocopiers, and scanners. The library staff reserves the right to restrict access to computers if they are needed by Nyack/ATS students, faculty, or staff.
    • Note: Interlibrary loan is restricted to current Nyack/ATS students, faculty, and staff.
  • External users desiring to use Eastman Library must register according to the procedure described below.


  • External users desiring borrowing privileges have an option of paying a $50 annual fee that allows them to borrow five concurrent items (excluding media) for twenty-one days with one renewal option.
  • Alumni of Nyack/ATS, external ministers, and students who show proof of current registration at an institution with reciprocal borrowing (see * below) are exempt from the membership fee and may borrow a maximum of ten items (excluding media) for twenty-one days with one renewal option.
  • Reciprocal borrowing agreements with students and faculty from the following institutions:
    • Students from ACL Libraries that participate in the ACL Reciprocal Borrowing Program
    • Thomas Aquinas College
    • Dominican College
    • New York Chinese Alliance Church
    • Salvation Army (Eastern Territory) School for Officer Training


To register as an External User of Eastman Library, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Complete an External User Registration form (located at nyack.edu/library) and submit to Eastman Library staff.
  2. Contact Eastman Library staff to schedule a time to use the library.
  3. A librarian will then complete a day pass with the individual or group name and day of visit, and leave it at the Security Desk on the first floor.
  4. On the day of the visit, please bring a legal photo ID (driver’s license or passport) to present to the Security Officer and, for students from reciprocal institutions, documentation that demonstrates current enrollment at that institution
  5. The security officer will contact the librarian upon the visitor’s arrival.
  6. Pastors who bring a group must contact a librarian in advance for an arrangement and then follow steps 1-4 listed above.
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