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Copyright & Fair Use

Do you have the legal and ethical right to make a copy? or does that right belong to another—the material’s creator? 

These tools will help you to understand the legal and ethical issues around information and its use—and will respond to some common misconceptions on the matter to help you to be fair as you use information .

List of Contents

Videos on Copyright & Fair Use

Copyright Law and You
Copyright Tutorial

Copyright and Fair Use  (good presentation on Fair Use)

Copyright Guidelines

Nyack College and ATS are committed to compliance with intellectual property laws but also support the rights of educators and students to utilize privileges granted with the Fair Use Guidelines for educational purposes.

The following departments or individuals may be contacted regarding copyright compliance:

General copyright questions:  Bailey Library Reference Department (845 675-4580 x4435 or 4436)
Web content copyright infringement:  Webmaster – DMCA Agent webmaster@nyack.edu
Employee infringement:  Human Resources Office (845 675-4605 x4608)
Student infringement:  Student Development Office (845 675-4793)


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